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Unit 1 : Living things reproduce

Living things reproduce
The organisms that reproduce are called progenitors and the organisms that result from reproduction are called descendans or offspring
Now you need to understand the two types of reproduction
Read page 8 and do the exercise on page 9 from your science book on your notebook


2.Watch  this powerpoint

Sexual reproduction in animals from María Buil


Plant parts

You need to know the names of each part and its function so we will navigate on the following web page from 1 to 6
3.-  The reproduction of flowers

Now you can do the following exercises :

 4the anatomy of a flower  click on the Life cycle link  and then do exercise : Flower anatomy diagram 

 5.- the parts of a plant

Phases in  reproduction

Now we will study the different phases in the reproduction procedure
You need to know the names of each phase and its function , to do so, we will navigate on the following web page from 8 to 21
6.-  The reproduction of flowers

And now it is time to do the exercises:

7.- All about plants

 8 And now it is time to do the exercises aobut seed dispersal in the following link the anatomy of a flower  click on the Life cycle link  and then do exercise : seed dispersal

Extra Activities PLANTS 

Unit 2 : Human reproduction

How to make a timeline with TIMERIME : 

You need to gather informaction about: Fertilisation, conception, formation of zygote, embryo , foetus, first nine weeks, first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, birth 

 Here we have some links that will helpyou do your timeline:

General information
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Vídeo 5

                   Unit 3 : Health and illness

Unit 4: 

               Unit 5 : Electricity 

y para repasar los circuitos eléctricos en español  CIRCUITOS ELÉCTRICOS

                               Unit 6 

 The earth; Rocks and representation

Unit 7  

Physical Europe

Para los que estáis teniendo dificultadoes en visionar el powerpoint: aquí está:

Unit 8  



Unit 9  

Unit 8  : Edad Contemporánea

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